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Non-Negotiable Business Terms & Conditions:

Model A: Standard Recruitment Model
  • Our consulting service charges would be 8.34% of the annual CTC offered to the candidate and the minimum amount per joining is Rs.20,000 whichever is higher.
  • Payment shall be made within 14 days after joining the candidate.
  • One free replacement shall be provided if the candidate leaves the job within 60 days of joining. *No replacement will be provided on termination or layoff.
  • The validity period for our submitted profiles is 6 months from the date of submission to your concern.
Model B: Dedicated Recruiter Model (DRM)
  • We will lend you one of our recruiters for three days.
  • The recruiter will contact around 20 applicants during the day.
  • The recruiter will provide you with a detailed summary of the day’s events, including a list of shortlisted applicants, and rejected candidates, along with an appointment time for interviews.
  • Commercials: We charge a minimum of three days at a rate of 5,000 each day, totaling 15,000 for three days (Prepaid).
Model C: Headhunting Services (Resume Sharing Model)
Are you looking for the best talent for your company? Do you want to save time and money on hiring? If yes, then our resume sharing model is the perfect solution for you.
  • We offer two services under this model:
  • Screened Resume: We will provide you with 10 high-quality resumes that match your preferences and requirements. These resumes are screened by our expert team and verified for their skills, experience and suitability. You can choose the best candidates from these resumes and contact them directly. The price for this service is 10,000rs for 10 resumes.
  • Shortlisted Resume: We will go one step further and get in touch with the candidates on your behalf. We will assess their interest and availability for your company and share only those candidates who are ready to join you. The price for this service is 10,000rs for 4 resumes.
  • With our resume sharing model, you can get access to the most qualified and interested candidates in the market. You can save time on screening and shortlisting resumes and focus on interviewing and hiring. You can also save money on recruitment agencies and job portals.

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